18 weeks

I apologize for the lack of post last week. There is not much to update on. 🙂 Today marks 18 weeks. The above photo is from this morning. Some updates:

Movement. I’ve maybe possibly felt some movement the past couple of weeks. I still can’t distinguish between movement, or if its just intestinal stuff. I think that at least some of the time, it really is movement. I know that soon they will be stronger and I’ll know for sure.

Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is difficult for those going through infertility. Last year was really hard for me. I went to my home church and of those there, I was the only old enough to be having kids, who did not have a kid. It was noticed too, by others. Just rub a little salt in the wound. This time, I was recognized with the other mothers, which was nice. But you know, it’s not the first time I’ve been pregnant. To be fair, other than my parents, no one there knew about my other pregnancies. It was just a little weird for me. I’m sure the weirdness will pass in time.

When I got back to my home here, my wonderful husband had put together a beautiful meal for me, and got me the sweetest card from our little smudge, and the most perfect willowtree figurine ever. It looks beautiful next to the Hope Willow Tree figurine that Kellie gave to us at our first WAITT meeting. Overall, it was a lovely Mother’s Day for me. 🙂

I got each of our mothers a photo album that says “Grandkids” on the front. Inside I put a print-out of smudge’s 8 week ultrasound. They both enjoyed it, and I’m glad of that.

Speaking of ultrasounds, we go for our next one next Wednesday. Hopefully then we’ll know if Smudge is a boy or a girl. Most people seem to be making bets on “boy” for now. And I think they’re probably right. Rick thinks its a girl. Hopefully Smudge will cooperate and show us next week! 🙂

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