What’s in a Name?

Back from vacation and baby stuff is on the forefront of my brain now. One of those important tasks is to talk about names. So what’s in a name? A quick Google search comes up with a lot of answers to this question. But we think we’ve found our winner:

Gretchen Elaine Elise King

Just Kidding!!!!!

On a less light note, but definitely happy news, I’m about a week late congratulating Becky on her new son! I couldn’t be more excited for her! She started a new blog to talk about her new addition as well. So a big fat Congrats!!!!! to Becky! 🙂

4 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?”

  1. Thanks Jess! You’ll have to stop by sometime soon. I haven’t seen you in ages, and I’m so excited about your impending arrival!

  2. Rick: Heh. Okay, so you allayed me “They gave her the initials of GEEK? They wouldn’t do that, would they? Really?”

    Then I remembered where you went to high school. 😉

    [I’m still 5% feeling like you’re pulling my leg.]

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