18 month and 3 year well-checks and Haircuts!

A few weeks ago, the girls had their well-checks and haircuts! It was Sophie’s first!

From October 2010

We cut Phoebe’s hair off into a cute little bob! It was tangling so much, that we ultimately decided to go short. She was behind the idea too. I think it turned out adorable! She sat like such a big girl in the chair while hers was being cut!

Her 3 year checkup went very well! It was on 10/27/10, she weighed 35.5 lb and was 39 inches tall.

The same day Phoebe got her hair cut, Sophie got her first hair cut! It was badly needed…

I didn’t get a great after shot, but you can at least tell that it’s not in her eyes anymore.

I also didn’t get any “during” shots because I was holding her during her cut. She did pretty well. I can’t believe we went so long between cuts! The haircuts were on 10/28. Sophie was right at 18 months old for her first haircut!

Sophie’s 18 month well check went very well too. She was 30 lb, 34.5 inches, head circumference was 48.75 cm. I think she’s trying to catch up to her big sister!

Sophie’s 9 months old!

From January 2010

How did that happen? Of course, I had to do her 9 month photoshoot today, but not without a struggle. 😉 And don’t forget with help from her sister! Complete with art direction, “No Sophie! Sunglasses on your eyes!” Or, “No this one!” as she switches who has which pair (and yes they are the same). It was cute. Rick got video of it even. It’s amazing how difficult it is to photograph one child, much less two of them!

From January 2010

(For the grandparents, there is another collage of all photos, plus individual ones from this shoot in the album).

With 9 months comes a well-check! Which means more stats! Here are Sophie’s latest numbers:

Weight – 23 lb. 12 oz.
Height – 29 inches
Head circumference – 46 cm

So our little girl is still growing like a weed! She’s also doing really well developmentally. I think she’s just trying to catch up to her sister in everything! 😉 She’s been a lot of fun lately. Occasionally she’ll even let me put her down for a few minutes! Oh and she has 5 teeth! 3 on top and 2 on bottom. Again with the catching up to her sister!

Here’s the making-of video.

Making of Sophie’s 9-Month Pictures from Jessica Drewrey King on Vimeo.

Old news and Two well checks!

First, we’ll get to the old news that I haven’t posted on this site yet. As of a couple of weeks ago (almost 3 now, actually), Sophie sits up!

From October 2009

Other old news is that she’s gotten her first two teeth! So for the record, both of those things happened at 5.5 months. I think Phoebe was 8 months old before her first tooth came. Of course, she still doesn’t have all her teeth, so hers are just slow to come in general.

Yesterday we had Phoebe’s 2 year well visit and Sophie’s 6 month well visit. They’re both growing like weeds and doing very well developmentally. Phoebe even bounced all over the room while the doctor was in, thereby showing him how very active she is! Sophie, unfortunately, had a double ear infection that we didn’t know about. Poor baby just seems to be keeping these ear infections. So she’s on antibiotics now. She also got 4 shots (including seasonal flu virus) and an oral immunization. They went on ahead and did the vaccines since she had not been running fever from the ear infections. So between all those and her infections, she may be a little under the weather this weekend. I’m hoping to get her 6 month photos, though, so maybe she won’t feel too bad by tomorrow or Sunday! Onto the stats!

Phoebe at 2 years:
Weight: 31 lbs.
Height: 36.75 inches (she’s gonna be 6 feet tall as an adult)!
Head circumference: 50 cm

Sophie at 6 months:
Weight: 20 lbs. 5 oz.
Height: 28.25 inches
Head circumference: 45 cm

As you can see, Sophie is trying to catch up to her sister!

2 month check

Today we had Sophie’s 2 month well check. Our poor baby got 3 shots and an oral immunization! Even worse, we found out that both of her ears are infected! Much like Phoebe, she hasn’t run any fever to indicate that something may be wrong. Her nose hasn’t really consistently been runny either. I can hope that maybe this is part of her fussiness lately and maybe she’ll feel better with some antibiotics and be a happier baby. I can hope, anyway. That being said, we have more good days than bad, so it’s not that bad. Additionally, she’s been sleeping through the night this past week, so we’re pretty lucky in that regard. Ok, onto the stats:
Weight: 12 lb. 12 oz
Height: 24 inches.
Head circumference: 40 cm.

The gist of this is that she’s growing very well! She’s still a big baby, but her growth is in line with her birth weight. Other than her ears, she’s doing very well physically and developmentally.

Sometime soon I’ll post about our week in Mississippi. I should have lots to share!