35.5 weeks, more dog stuff

We’re now down to 4.5 weeks left until my due date. That means it is getting really close! I went to the doctor this week, and my weight is up 4 lbs. According to my scale at home I’ve gained somewhere around 33 lbs. total. Also, my fundal height changed by 4 cm this past two weeks! I’ve been measuring on the low end of “normal” and now I’m smack in the middle! So we’ve hit a little growth spurt around here. Growth spurts are a good thing, I think!

Otherwise, I’m still feeling ok. The worst part now is the swelling in my feet and ankles. I’m now swollen to the point of uncomfortable, and the only shoes I can wear are my keds sandals and today I have my crocs on. The crocs are probably pushing it a bit, but it is raining and I thought they’d be better for the weather today.

In dog news, we took Vincent to Petsmart to get groomed. The grooomer nicked him on one of his pads, and was worried about it, so she took him to the in-store vet to check it out. Now, his little cut is fine. The vet added some sort of glue that stopped it from bleeding, and I never would have known any different if they hadn’t told me. Of course, I am glad they told me though. Anyway, the vet noticed his eyes were red and thought that blood was pooling in front of his cataracts. So we took him to our vet yesterday, and the verdict is… glaucoma. We have to put some drops on his food twice a day the rest of his life. If the glaucoma gets bad enough and painful enough, the only thing they can do is remove an eye. Hopefully we’ll never get to that point. I’m not particularly ready to admit that my puppy is getting old and won’t be with us forever. This is just another reminder that he is, indeed, getting old.

On a happier note, I leave you with the last two pictures we took!

33 weeks:

35 weeks:

23 weeks, and dog drama

Photo to come later. I’ll make Rick take one tonight. 😉

Today I had an appt. I’ve gained 6 lbs. in the past four weeks, bringing me to +9 pre-pregnancy weight. Not too shabby! Otherwise, everything else is looking good. My next appt. is in 4.5 weeks, to get me back on the schedule (it’ll make it closer to 28 week), and I get to do the glucose test and get my Rhogam shot. Which means I’ll be a pincushion! 😉 At least the glucose test is only a finger prick! If I pass it, I won’t have to do the longer one. I’ve done a longer one before, and wish to not repeat that, if necessary!

Ok, dog drama. Last night, I let Vincent out before going to bed. Molly was already out, and waiting on the deck. I figured she could stay out until we let them both back in. While I was washing my face, Rick let Vincent in, but still no Molly. After a few minutes we all went out to look for her. We figured she got out of the fence. I opened the garage, since she will normally run into there when she’s out of the fence. I walked the perimeter of our yard, and looked, and looked. We were all calling her (my mother-in-law is here for a visit and was helping us look too). Usually when she gets out of the fence, she will come to us when we call, or go in the garage. So this was very unusual. So Rick got a flashlight and looked under the deck, and there she was. She was hidden in the far, back corner, where we couldn’t get to her, just laying there. She only moved her eyes, and would not come when we called. I got a rawhide, and a cup of food to see if I could lure her out, and no luck. We were very, very worried. So Rick crawled under the deck, got her up, and eventually she walked out herself. We got her inside and she went straight to the water dish, so I let her have some water before bed. But it really, really worried us. I would have called the vet this morning, except, she’s back to normal! She was her normal, happy-go-lucky self! It is strange indeed, and we’ll have to keep a close eye on her in the next few days. We think maybe she ate something outside she shouldn’t have and just felt bad, and she felt better by this morning. Who knows!

Where those socks go

drabble 01-15-07
Well, I don’t own a dachshund, but I do own a very hyper lab mix. She, too loves socks! We have to keep the door to the bathroom closed just so she doesn’t go in and drag some socks around with her. The problem? I, too love socks! It’s a habit I picked up from Ashley. Once, a few months ago, I bought a whole bunch of socks from Target on clearance. I had these really cute, really soft blue socks. The darn dog got ahold to them after I’d worn them once and put a hole in them! So, our dog loves socks. If you come to our house, feel free to take your shoes off. She hasn’t eaten too many of those. But keep your socks on. She loves those!


So Friday nights we’ve been having people over for dinner and watching Scrubs. Among those to attend include the Granades with 2.5 year old Eli. So I had some crayons out for him, as well as some blank paper. That was all fine and dandy. As you can imagine, that entertained him for .02 seconds. Apparently the dog’s crate was much more interesting than the crayons. Who knew?

So after watching a couple of episodes of Scrubs, several of the guys went to see one of our friend’s band play. I chose not to go. When Rick got back home, he asked me what happened to the crayons. Huh? They were on the table. Yeah, they were. At that point, there was only one, single, green crayon on the table, plus some crumbs of wax and paper. So what happened? You got it! Molly ate all but one of the pack of 16 crayons I had out for Eli. Darn dog.

I guess I should make sure that crayons make it to the store list this week!

Some Gems from our garden

Red Rose Buds. Our red roses are actually taking over the flower bed to the side of the deck. I love them! But we need to figure out how to control them. Part of me feels guilty that they’re doing so well this year since we don’t do anything to them! Plus… I fell in love with this photograph, even if it is one I took. There were no touchups done to this photo at all!

This is a beautiful purple flower that was blooming a week or two ago. I hate to have my hand in the shot, but it was facing the other way, and I didn’t want to crawl around in the weeds for the shot! Anyone know what this is? I am guessing it is some sort of iris, but I really don’t know. Anyway, I thought it was really pretty!

I’m toying with the idea of some sort of picture a day or picture a week feature on here. I mostly haven’t because I don’t know that much about photo editing, but neither of these were edited at all! What do you guys think? Give it a shot or no? Is a photo a day too much? It may be too much for us to actually do. Maybe every other day? Anyway, this is just an idea I’ve been throwing around for some time.