Again I find myself emailing links to my mom and Rick, and I wonder, why don’t I just make a post?

First, I’ll start off with the cuteness:
This is the cutest picture ever! I’ll have to watch Rick and make sure that he doesn’t read any of his technical books to Smudge this way! 😉 Well, maybe not if it does help her to sleep…

Then I’ll move to the seriousness:
The county-wide half cent sales tax was voted down in the commissioners’ meeting yesterday. I’m a little torn on this. I know that my commissioner did vote the tax down, because he did not agree with where the school board wanted to put a school in our area. While I agree that the school board’s plan was not ideal, we still need something. Perhaps it would have helped. Granted the tax hike probably would not have passed anyway in yesterday’s vote, but it is a little frustrating. And that is one downfall of living in the county – we have to have a county wide tax hike to get more money for the schools. The cities have a few other options, whether or not they would pass as well. But this tax increase will go to the entire county for vote in February. It will be interesting to see what happens in that vote. I will note, that I’m really not interested in politics, so a few of you may have some better thought-out thoughts on this issues.