About Us


We met at MSMS in the Fall 1997. I was a lowly junior and he was a senior. He thought I was crazy because I was already ready for college! We became attached to each other fairly early that school year, and I haven’t let go since! 😉 We got married on May 31, 2003, 3 weeks after I graduated from Ole Miss.

The college years were interesting because I went to Ole Miss and he went to Mississippi State. The Egg Bowl still leads to interesting moments in our lives. 😉

We have two dogs and a cat. Molly – a lab mix, Vincent – cocker spaniel, and Chad – cat. They keep our lives from getting too boring.

We have a large friend base here in Huntsville. Living away from families would be impossible without friends around to help. We are also both very active in our church, Trinity Baptist Church.

We’re two engineers, working in Huntsville, just living our life.

New Features on the Site

Jessica got me moving this morning and there are now three new posts on the site.

The first is one that I’ve wanted for a bit, and thanks to Mr. Morris installing Gallery 2 for us, we can run with it. This tool is a WP Plugin for Gallery 2 which makes it VERY easy to put pictures into a post. VERY EASY.
Thanks, Geof!

The second tool is the Live Journal Cross Poster. Jessica, let me know if this works.

The last you can see at the bottom of the screen and it is Google’s new Related Link program. Let’s see what’s down there.

For those of you wondering, we are still alive. The weather last night was a bit rough, but we made it through. Now on with the rest of Saturday!

Pictures Posted

We’ve got a few new pictures posted now. They include:

Yes, two of the three were taken in early June and it’s mid-August before I’m posting them. And with Vermont, we unfortunately didn’t grab the camera when we went out on the Lake, so no pretty pictures from Lake Champlain.