A Blanket for Brantley

A couple of weeks ago, my brother’s first child, Brantley, was born. I, doing as I do, made him a blanket.

I also decided to do a yarn-wrapped letter “B” for him as well.

From June 2011

Brantley was born on June 29, and had some health problems. I’m happy to report that his health has improved greatly since his birth. He appears to have quite the fighting spirit! We’ve all been so very thankful for the prayers and support offered by so many. Keep the prayers coming! We don’t know yet when he will come home, but hopefully it will be soon.

And finally, a family portrait from a few days ago. The ventilator has been removed since this photo was taken.

From July 2011

Thanks again to everyone for the prayers, thoughts, kind words, and encouragement. It means the world to all of us.

Sophie’s 2!

From April 2011

Thursday this week, My little Sophie-bug turned two! I can hardly believe two years have passed already! She’s grown so much and is turning into quite the sweet, spirited, beautiful little girl! She’s definitely not a baby anymore. Babies can’t draw with sidewalk chalk. 🙂

She loves to draw and color. Her favorite colors at the moment are purple and yellow. She also loves puzzles, playing dress-up, and playing with her sister. As I type this, she’s playing with heir little toy kitchen and talking on the phone that goes with it. She also carries around her baby doll everywhere. This baby’s name is Purple Baby.

From March 2011

Also on Thursday, she got a haircut! A badly needed one. Before and After:

After the haircut, we went home, ate some dinner, then sang happy birthday with a cupcake.

Which she rejected in favor of applesauce. Funny kid.

On Friday, she had her 2 year well-check amidst the storms. She is currently 34 lbs, 35 inches tall, and her head circumference was 49.5 cm.

Our baby girl is no longer a baby! This afternoon we will have a party with friends to celebrate. 🙂

Wedding Card

You know, I’m awful about giving cards with or without gift. I do apologize to my friends and family for this. But, I have a ton of card-making supplies. Last week, I went to a wedding shower for my brother and his new wife. For some reason I thought that I should include a card with the gift. I pulled out as much of the card-making/paper-crafting supplies as I could find (as that room is still unfortunately in boxes). This is what I put together:

From February 2011

I also had a bird and a scroll-thingy on the inside, but didn’t get a good photo of that.

Two Baby Blankets!

Ok, so this post is waaay overdue. The photos were taken in March, and the gifts were given at the beginning of April. I wanted to wait until I gave the gifts to blog it, and then we moved. And then life happened. Anyway, so onto the blankets!

From March 2010

First up is the blanket I made for baby Julian. I used a cotton/acrylic blend in blue that I had in my stash (Cotton Ease in case you were wondering). The pattern was the Swaddling Baby Blanket from the March/April 2010 issue of Crochet Today. The Edging was supposed to be done with a nifty new pom-pom yarn, but I decided to try it out in a more subtle boucle yarn that I had in my stash already.

Overall, I really like the end result of this one. I love the stitch pattern of the main part of the blanket! I could easily see doing this same pattern and switching out different novelty yarns for the edging to get different effects.

Next up is the blanket I made for Chris and Sheila’s little one. I again used Cotton Ease that I already had in my stash. This pattern was the Single Skein Blankie from the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Crochet Today.

I also loved the stitch pattern of this blanket too. It also was a very quick project, which is always a plus in my book. Very pleased with this one as well!

Dum Dum Topiary with Bonus Tootsie Roll Pops!

For Sophie’s birthday party, I decided to make a Dum Dum topiary. I got the idea from this post on dollarstorecrafts.com. I thought it’d be neat to sprinkle some Tootsie Roll Pops in there because I like those. 🙂 Here’s what it looked like:

From April 2010

A few things about this craft. For one, when I looked back at the post that inspired this idea, I clearly got too big of a Styrofoam ball to make it. I tried to get a ball that was proportional to my container. This means that I ran out of candy when making it! Also, once I sent Rick to the store to get more candy, I still ran out! So the topiary had a bald spot, seen here:

So yeah, it used way more candy than I thought it would. I just tried to turn it so that you didn’t see its bald spot. Mistake #2 was that I tried to outsmart myself. I didn’t want to get a dowel because I’d have to cut it to size and also the dowels are unfinished. Instead, I bought a pack of plain colored pencils in the dollar section of Michaels. Well, the pencils really weren’t long enough, or thick enough. So I taped two together with an overlap a little bit. This was an ok fix. It probably would have been better if I’d added a third or fourth one, but it worked.

Mistake #3 was that the cute little Pooh container that matched Sophie’s high chair decorations for the party was not heavy enough. I needed to at least put something heavy in the bottom to counterweight that heavy ball of candy on top. So the topiary was a little bit tipsy. But again, it worked well enough.

In spite of these mistakes, I think it turned out really cute and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again! Just next time I can learn from my mistakes and make it better. And maybe now someone else can learn from these mistakes too.