Orange Sauce for Angel Food Cake

From March 2011

Another thing we’ve been getting from our GrowAlabama share lately has been a lot of citrus! Last week I took a whole bunch of tangelos (whatever I had on hand), cut them in half and juiced them. I got about two halves juiced, when I thought the juicer stopped working. So I proceeded to use the electric juicer as if it were a manual one and kept on trucking.

I took all of that juice, and then added water to it until I had 2 cups. From there, I followed the Orange Sauce for Angel Food Cake recipe from Taste of Home. The final result was delicious!

After I photographed and sampled the cake with the orange sauce, I decided to make myself a cup of coffee! Doing so, I realized that my Keurig wouldn’t turn on. Also, our regular coffee pot, or the phone, or pretty much anything along that counter top were all off. As in without power. I spend the next 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get those back on. It was on a GFCI circuit that happened to be across the room and I didn’t notice it was off for far too long. I eventually figured it out though, but not without calling Rick at work in hopes he might have ideas! And also, juicer not broken after all. So moral of the story, when an appliance “stops working,” make sure it’s not the only appliance that stops, and you know, check all of the GFCI outlets in the area before wasting too much time looking elsewhere.

Maybe my next food post will have no mishaps to go along with it. 🙂

Sweet Potato Casserole

You may remember a couple of years ago, we signed up with Grow Alabama to get weekly vegetables sent to our door step every week. We started off with the Gold plan figuring it was better to jump in completely and see how well we could keep up. We spent a lot of that year cooking and eating great vegetables, and usually had tons leftover to share with friends and family. Then, we decided to put our house on the market, so we didn’t renew for 2010 so that we could focus on getting our house sold and finding a new home for our family.

Fast forward to now, and our old house has finally sold, and we’ve been in the new house for quite some time, we decided to sign back up for Grow Alabama, this time buying a Silver share so that we’re not quite as overwhelmed each week, while still getting plenty for our family! We’ve been members again for about a month now, and are loving it again! The past few weeks we’ve gotten sweet potatoes, hence the title of this post. We decided to make Sweet Potato casserole. We know it is not good for us, and usually only make it during the holidays, but who could resist once the idea occurred to us? We use this recipe, and it is soo amazingly good! This time, unlike at Christmas, I actually measured my sweet potatoes as I cut them up, and used significantly less than we had used then. It ended up tasting that much more like dessert without the extra veggies in there, and plus, it wasn’t overflowing the pan we use, as it was Christmas Day.

I started with sweet potatoes from our weekly vegbox.

I ended up only using the bag on the left, plus one more potato from the right bag. So we still have plenty to make more. Not that we need that much sugar and butter in our lives every day, but still, we could.

I cut these all up and threw them in a pot and added water. Then I went off to do laundry and nearly burned them, because apparently I didn’t add enough water. So yes, I can burn potatoes, apparently. So what? I just added more water and let them be for a bit longer. Once they were tender, I drained them.

And then like magic, Rick and the girls came home! He did the rest from there. What came out of the oven, was delicious! It didn’t even taste the slightest bit burned (thank goodness)! Phoebe declared she did not like it, and Rick and I decided to let her keep thinking that. That means more for us!

Recap of Week 1 vegbox and week 2 preview

So how did we do going through our week 1 veg-box? Last weekend we spent Phoebe’s naptime cooking. On Saturday we made Two Bean Soup with Ham, and Cabbage Roll Casserole. On Sunday we made R&R Pudding and Persimmon Cookies. Other meals we had were Salad and baked sweet potato, Baked Sweet potatoes, salad and steak, and a steak-ceasar salad. We also steamed carrots to go along side the casserole mentioned above, and ate the R&R pudding on the side of the casserole. All four of these recipes were hits! Phoebe loves the cabbage roll casserole and R&R pudding! We did not go through all of our soup or casserole, but came close by week’s end. If we’d not eaten out so much for lunch this week, we would have gone through all that we prepared. The soup was probably the least liked, though I did like the collard greens in it more than I thought I would. I think in the future we will use thicker chunks of ham than the recipe calls for, and maybe less greens. After having them in the soup and liking them that way, I think we’re also willing to try the greens cooked by themselves as a side dish as well.

At the end of the week we have used up all of our cabbage, carrots, lettuce, grape tomatoes, and sweet potatoes. We have about half of our rutabagas, persimmons, and collard greens. We didn’t touch the broccoli or grapefruit.

Yesterday we received our new box. It came with probably twice as much broccoli as last week, zucchini, pole beans (which are apparently green beans), 3 bags of new potatoes (we opted to get more potatoes in place of turnip greens this week), carrots, celery, one humongous mushroom (what do we do with this???), lettuce, some tangerines, and two more grapefruit. Fortunately we don’t get another delivery for about a month due to the holidays. This will be more than enough time to go through all of these veggies. However, once the deliveries start back, they will be coming in weekly again and we’ll have to continue to strive to use what we’ve got each week and actually eat it. I don’t think we’re too far off from hitting that mark, however. I’m confident that we can manage to do just that. I’ll continue to update our progress as we go.

Now, send us your best broccoli recipes! 😉 We like it cooked and raw, but not in the quantities we’ve acquired the past couple of weeks!

Week 1 Veg box

So recently we bought a share of the Grow Alabama CSA. Each week they will send us a big box of veggies, and we have to figure out what to do with them. The veggies are all (mostly) grown in Alabama, and they contract with the farmers that no chemicals be used. We’re taking it as a challenge to see what we will eat, and how creative we may have to be to enjoy some of these veggies. The good news is that if there is something that we decide we just hate, we can always get that item substituted. We still aren’t sure how this is going to work out for us. Today, though, we got our first Veg box! And it is a lot of vegetables. Here’s a pic:

From December 2008

We got collard greens, grape tomatoes, carrots, romaine lettuce, cabbage, persimmons, grapefruit, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and rutabagas. Now admittedly, we’re searching around on the internet to find recipes to cook some of these things. Neither of us thinks that we’ll like just cooked greens, so we’re going to try this two bean soup with ham. I think we’re going to try a casserole for the cabbage. I have no idea what to do with the rutabagas, and am still unsure what we’ll do with the persimmons. Everything else we should have no problem eating either in a salad, or cooked.

We’re very excited about this challenge of figuring out what to do with these things. We’re happy that we’re supporting farmers within our own state and that our veggies are fresh as they are no more than 48 hours from the field. I just hope that we can keep the enthusiasm throughout the year.

I’ll try to post updates on how we’re using some of the more odd vegetables and how we liked them. If anyone has any suggestions for anything out of our vegbox, feel free to let us know!