What I worked on 2/27/17-3/6/17

Last week was all crochet. I worked on the baby blanket some more. It really is getting close to complete, but not quite there, yet. I made a headband, and started my Lenten project of making baby hats to donate to Lebonheur Children’s Hospital. All in all a pretty productive week!

A little help from the cat. I keep having to shoo her away from this blanket.

Stretched out a bit to show the cross pattern.

I made an infinity scarf a while back using my Raspberry scarf stitch pattern, and still had a little bit of the yarn leftover, so I decided to make a headband using that same stitch pattern.

A few more evenings on the blanket.

And the first 5 of my hats to donate to Lebonheur!

What I worked on 2/13/17 – 2/26/17

Wait, two weeks? What? Yeah, last week I was sick and didn’t get this post up. No fear of this post getting too long, though, because I didn’t really work on anything either! Thankfully I’m starting to feel more and more like myself, and I can jump back into living life instead of just holding the couch or bed down! I’ve included the Bible journaling pages I’ve done as well, so some days there may be two or three photos to represent! Maybe that makes up for all of the days where there were none when I was sick.

I really wasn’t going to share all of my Bible journaling prompts here, but there are so many that I’m pretty happy with, so a lot will show up in this round up. This challenge is giving me lots of opportunity to practice my lettering skills, and I’m enjoying that quite a bit! I did two this one day to try to catch up.

This blanket is pretty much been the only thing I’ve worked on and counted for my #createdaily hashtag the past couple of weeks.

I seriously had too much fun with these watercolor hearts!

The blanket continues to grow! I’m loving how the cross pattern is coming out.

I was really hoping to finish this blanket by the end of that week, so I started carrying it with me everywhere. The next several blanket posts were taken in various locations as I worked feverishly to finish.

Watercolor galaxies have been pretty intimidating to me, but I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out!

This lion was pretty fun, too. I traced the lion image provided as part of the challenge, and then had fun watercoloring him in. I wish I had some masking fluid before I started on him. I need to add that to my arty wishlist.

A little library crochet? Sure!

Now the blanket is growing, but the yarn ball seemingly never shrinks!

This was in the car as I should have been finishing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish in time. Thankfully I just missed the baby shower, but have a few more weeks before the baby will be here!

Look how lovely the cross is, even as the square grows!

Ha, this is getting boring now. I need a new project to keep things interesting! But, also, I need to finish this…

Fast forward a week where I did nothing, and I’ve picked this blanket back up last night. Here’s hoping it will be done soon! Maybe some Netflix marathons are in order as I continue to recuperate!

What I worked on 2/6/17 – 2/12/17

Last week I got to try stained glass soldering (copper tape method). That was so fun! It was otherwise a pretty light week. A little crochet, some coloring, helping the girls with their Pinewood cars, and random lettering in the process. All in all a good week!

I finally got around to finish coloring the Mandala I started a while back. Fun times!

How cute is this bookworm? A few of my friends and I went to a Sip and Solder class at Big Glass Art, and I know many of us had tons of fun, and want to go back for more!

A little more work on the Key West Circle Top. I’ve found it to be a good ‘on the go’ project, as it is not very large and consists of basic stitches.

We helped the girls with their Pinewood cars this weekend. The designs were all theirs, and we were mostly hands off on the making, but provided some guidance and feedback. They turned out super cute! I also managed to fit some lettering practice in using the supplies for the cars. 😉 The girls had to get in on the lettering action, too, and practiced their cursive writing!

And now the beginnings of a baby blanket! I’m using a cross square motif, and will just continue until it is blanket sized. This will be my focus for this next week, too! Hopefully I will be able to finish it fairly quickly!

What I worked on 1/31/17 – 2/5/17

I don’t know what was up with last week, but I didn’t get as much done as I have been. A little crochet, a day of watercolors, and some Bible journaling that I wasn’t counting as my #createdaily work. I’m already behind on that Bible journaling challenge, too! Weekends trip me up. When the whole family is home, I tend to do less things in general. But at least some of that time is spent with each other, so it’s not time lost!

I got a bee in my bonnet to create a watercolor feather. It maybe would have been worthwhile to find a tutorial somewhere, but I just freehanded this. It isn’t perfect, but it was fun, and I love the colors here! I decided while I was playing around with watercolors, to practice some watercolor brush lettering. I did ok on the feather side, but definitely need much more practice with this!

I started in on a monthly Bible journaling challenge from Move the Mountains, called Worship is More than a Song. I had fun with this first one doing some lettering using my Tombow fudenosuke and adding a watercolor music note. I don’t know that I will include all of these in my weekly roundup, but I was pretty happy with this one, so I had to share!

Working on my Key West Circle Top. I’m nearing the end of the second circle, so maybe I will finish this soon! The sequin-y yarn is one I found on clearance at Michael’s a while back.

I picked back up the Raspberry scarf I was working with Lionbrand Homespun yarn. I actually finished this as a cowl over the weekend, and I plan to write up in a separate post what I did differently to turn it into a cowl.

A little more work on the circle top.

What I worked on 1/23/17-1/30/17

I was so excited last week to finish a blanket I’d been working on for a while. I also managed to do some lettering practice, painting, and started another crochet scarf. Not too bad for another busy week around here!

Starting the last row of this Crazy Love Ripples blanket! I didn’t have a pattern, but that’s what I’m calling it. I had friends and family pick yarn, and I created this crazy afghan as a result!

And now she is finished! I love how she turned out. A few more details on how I made this – I started and ended with “my” color – the light turquoise color. I would do two stripes from friend/family provided yarn, and then do another of mine. I picked a ripple pattern out of one of my stitch dictionaries, and worked that. Unfortunately, I don’t remember right off which one. Each stripe is two rows, with the first row in the back loop only to make it stand out a bit when you look at the blanket from the right side.

I finished the Motivational Lettering Practice Sheets from Dawn Nicole Designs. Now I need to go back and focus on some beginner sheets. 🙂

I actually got the paint out this week! And it wasn’t my normal watercolors! I checked out Just Paint It (affiliate link) by Sam Piyasena and Beverly Philp from the library, and the first project was to create a piece by pouring paint. I used watercolor paper, and the only acrylic paint I had on hand was craft paint, so that’s what I used. I did water it down a bit, and in some cases too much. It was a good practice, though! I had enough drips from the pouring, that I decided to use the drips to cover another piece of watercolor paper. Now I have two fun backgrounds to use for something else! As soon as I figure out what that may be…

I wrote up a scarf pattern last month, but the yarn I had used has been discontinued. I thought I would try the pattern using something more easily found, so I started this scarf using some Lionbrand Homespun.

Saturday I made a bit more progress on this homespun scarf. It looks less like Raspberries in this yarn texture and color, but it is still working up very nicely. This one may end up being a cowl instead of a full scarf, but we will see.