What I worked on 2/13/17 – 2/26/17

Wait, two weeks? What? Yeah, last week I was sick and didn’t get this post up. No fear of this post getting too long, though, because I didn’t really work on anything either! Thankfully I’m starting to feel more and more like myself, and I can jump back into living life instead of just holding the couch or bed down! I’ve included the Bible journaling pages I’ve done as well, so some days there may be two or three photos to represent! Maybe that makes up for all of the days where there were none when I was sick.

I really wasn’t going to share all of my Bible journaling prompts here, but there are so many that I’m pretty happy with, so a lot will show up in this round up. This challenge is giving me lots of opportunity to practice my lettering skills, and I’m enjoying that quite a bit! I did two this one day to try to catch up.

This blanket is pretty much been the only thing I’ve worked on and counted for my #createdaily hashtag the past couple of weeks.

I seriously had too much fun with these watercolor hearts!

The blanket continues to grow! I’m loving how the cross pattern is coming out.

I was really hoping to finish this blanket by the end of that week, so I started carrying it with me everywhere. The next several blanket posts were taken in various locations as I worked feverishly to finish.

Watercolor galaxies have been pretty intimidating to me, but I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out!

This lion was pretty fun, too. I traced the lion image provided as part of the challenge, and then had fun watercoloring him in. I wish I had some masking fluid before I started on him. I need to add that to my arty wishlist.

A little library crochet? Sure!

Now the blanket is growing, but the yarn ball seemingly never shrinks!

This was in the car as I should have been finishing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish in time. Thankfully I just missed the baby shower, but have a few more weeks before the baby will be here!

Look how lovely the cross is, even as the square grows!

Ha, this is getting boring now. I need a new project to keep things interesting! But, also, I need to finish this…

Fast forward a week where I did nothing, and I’ve picked this blanket back up last night. Here’s hoping it will be done soon! Maybe some Netflix marathons are in order as I continue to recuperate!

January Whimseybox

Back in December, I read about Whimseybox in several of my favorite craft blogs. Whimseybox is a monthly subscription that sends you several craft samples each month! I was definitely smitten with this idea, so I immediately put myself on the waiting list. I received my first one in January.

In it, I got a variety of orange and pink ribbon, red acrylic paint, pink and green sculpey, some purple and red sequins, and an un-decorated slap bracelet. I still haven’t used all of the supplies in here, but I’ve definitely dabbled with some!

The first thing I tried was this acrylic paint transfer technique I saw on pinterest. I found this silhouette from the Graphics Fairy to use. The two little girls reminded me of Phoebe and Sophie, and of course I knew they’d love the cat in it, as well! I already had some gesso board on hand from a long time ago. The paint that came with my Whimseybox said it was idea of canvas, so I may try that another time. I only used a small portion of the paint sample they sent!

Once I printed my image, I had Phoebe help me paint the board.

Then, while the paint was still wet, I placed the image onto the board face down, as the tutorial I’d found on pinterest instructed.

Once the paint was good and dry, I sprayed the paper with a water bottle and got to work scraping off the paper.

And the end result!

I had a couple of places where I scraped the paint off, but nothing too bad. I put it up on the mantle while I decided whether or not to do anything else with it. I think for now, I’ll leave it the way it is. This was definitely a fun technique to try!

The other bit of the Whimseybox I’ve worked with was the sequins. I sewed some onto these crochet hearts that I’d made. I love the sparkle that the sequins added! I turned both of these hearts into barrettes for my girls to give their friends for Valentine’s Day.

Can’t wait to play around with the other supplies, too! I think I’ll do either buttons or beads, or both with the sculpey. I’ve pinned a bunch of ideas here. I think the girls will have a ton of fun with the slap bracelet, but I need to find just the right thing to decorate it with. Washi tape would be awesome, but I think I’d have to order it online, so we’ll see for now. I can already tell that Whimseybox is going to be perfect for getting me to try new supplies I probably wouldn’t have gone out and bought myself.

DIY Dress-up clothes storage

From June 2011

So for a while now, I’ve been wanting better dress-up storage for the girls’ dress up dresses. Last year, Santa brought them a big hat box that he thought would be good storage for that. Well, the girls’ dress-up dresses overflowed that box! I thought it’d be good to get something where the dresses could be hung up. I found some items like this one from Guidecraft that we could buy, but we really didn’t want to spend quite so much. Add to that we had a bookshelf just sitting around not being used, and, well, inspiration struck.

Of course, I’m not all that handy with the power tools, so this ended up being a project I thought of, but Rick executed. 🙂 We went to one of the big box home improvement stores (I don’t remember whether we hit the orange or blue one for this), picked up a wooden dowel, some screws, and a drill-bit about the size of the dowel. Rick cut the dowel to size, and then drilled holes in the shelf for the dowel, being careful not to drill all the way through. He then put the rod into the newly-drilled holes, and then secured each end with a screw. And that was about it! The girls love their little dress-up closet.

I’ve considered decorating it with scrapbook paper or wallpaper, or something, but so far we’ve left it the wooden-colored laminate that came on the shelf to begin with.

Spring Door

Last year, I really wanted to make this Spring wreath for the front door of our then new house. Turns out I was busy moving, and unpacking, and also couldn’t find the materials anyway, so it never got done.

The supply problem was fixed recently with a Joann’s moving into town! I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t find the green fun fur anywhere else but Joann’s this weekend. I also found everything else I needed there, as well.

So yesterday I get the supplies and immediately set to work. Phoebe got up from her nap while I was wrapping the green fun fur all around. Once I it was all wrapped, she wanted to help push the pins into the flowers and into the wreath. This sounds like dangerous work for a 3 year old, but she did really well! Sitting on my lap the whole time and closely supervised, of course. Then Sophie woke up, and of course she wanted to help too. So Rick helped her help. She mostly put the flowers on the wreath and Phoebe or Rick would pin it into the foam (occasionally moving them so that we didn’t have a clump all in one spot). It worked out really well! I love that the whole family pitched in with this one!

From March 2011

More photos are in the album.

Wedding Card

You know, I’m awful about giving cards with or without gift. I do apologize to my friends and family for this. But, I have a ton of card-making supplies. Last week, I went to a wedding shower for my brother and his new wife. For some reason I thought that I should include a card with the gift. I pulled out as much of the card-making/paper-crafting supplies as I could find (as that room is still unfortunately in boxes). This is what I put together:

From February 2011

I also had a bird and a scroll-thingy on the inside, but didn’t get a good photo of that.