Another Weekend…

Another weekend is upon me. Work is good (quite busy though). Jessica is off to Oxford to do some paperwork, get some furniture, and bring home Molly, the newest member of our family. (puppy) I on the other hand will be ‘relaxing at the house this weekend. So far, my list includes

  • Mow Yard
  • Trim Bushes
  • Put away all the books, movies, CD’s (this is about half of our boxes)
  • Find two specific CD’s … Toad the Wet Sprocket and DC Talk’s Supernatural. I know they’re around somewhere, its just the matter of looking in the right case.
  • Buy puppy food.

That’s just what I’ve got before the weekend is really started. Needless to say, I also plan to get a good fill of football watching in this weekend. Other than these things, I’ve got a pretty laid back weekend.

To our one reader, thanks for reading and I hope you have a good weekend.

5 thoughts on “Another Weekend…”

  1. 2 of the 5 items above are taken care of now. I was going to cut the grass yesterday evening, but when I looked at the new mower closely, I realized that one of the wheels was pretty far out of alignment. I give Leonard a call and find out that it’s damaged and I should just bring it back. So, as a result of all that, I borrowed from the neighbors again to cut the yard.

    Also, we have a LOT of books. I got all those boxes unloaded last night and that was a lot of work.

    Well, now I’m off to buy puppy food and get some lunch (mmm… Chinese)

  2. Oh, and … I have something to add to your list. Because, well, you can install Gallery now … ImageMagick is on the box. 😀

  3. SWEET!

    Just in time for lots of puppy pics!

    As it turns out, lunch was Smokey’s BBQ instead of Chinese. And I ended up getting 4 of the 5 done. I still have no clue where those CD’s went to.

    But yes, gallery will be installed and running tonight, no matter how late I have to stay up. Then everyone will get to see lots of sickeningly cute pictures of our new little baby, Molly.

  4. The DC talk one was on the entertainment center in the living room before we moved… I don’t know where it wound up being though…

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