Pain in the Eye

I’ve been trying to work more activity into my life. It’s difficult. I prefer going to the gym, but carving out time to drive down there, work out, then drive back is near to impossible between work (for me), gymnastics (both girls), soccer (at least two of us, if not all 4), and church (all of us). I have one day a week open where we have no after school activities. So far that one day a week has been spent trying to catch a nap to make it through the week, or running errands that didn’t get done earlier in the week. All that to say, getting to the gym is just not easy right now. Monday night I decided to sneak in a walk in the neighborhood after the girls went to bed. I got outside, and not 3 minutes into my walk, something flew into my eye! After a few seconds of fierce blinking, it didn’t hurt to keep my eye open, so I carried on walking. When I got home, I looked and looked in the mirror and didn’t see anything. A mystery! My eye still stung a bit, but I didn’t give it much more thought. I just figured it was irritated from whatever had flew into it, and hoped that whatever it was, was gone for good. I took my contacts out for good measure, and moved onto the nightly tv watching before bed.

Tuesday morning I get up, and when I look in the mirror – there’s a little spec on lower eyelid! Apparently, the bug made it’s way out. I called the eye doctor to make sure there wasn’t anything else hanging out in there and to make sure I didn’t need antibiotics, or something. My eye checked out ok, outside of some irritation remaining and I was sent on my way with orders to get eye drops and use for the next couple of days.

Later Tuesday, I had to take our cat, Jasmine, to the vet. At her last appointment, the vet was concerned with her eye. We knew her eye looked funny when you looked at it – it kind of reflects light back at you. At her previous appointment, the vet we saw that time didn’t seem too concerned. This year, though, the newer vet was much more concerned. Turns out her lens is no longer attached, and was turned around. The way her lens was situated is causing fluid build up in her eye, which is causing high eye pressure. Yesterday’s appointment was to check that pressure again. You can see here that one eye looks different from the other.

It wasn’t lost on me that we both had our eye pressure checked yesterday. While my check was for something minor, and turned out just fine, hers is a bigger deal. The vet determined yesterday that her pressure is still very high with no improvement in the past four months. She can’t see out of that eye currently, and the pressure is bound to be causing lots of pain, even though she doesn’t show it. Our pets are good at masking when they’re in pain. The recommendation was for her bad eye to be removed. On the surface it seems like it was a tough decision, but knowing she is in pain, and that the painful eye is of no use to her anyway, it just makes sense. She should be her same old self once she’s healed from the surgery. She’ll go in next Tuesday for that procedure.

And hopefully, I can keep all insects and other foreign bodies out of my own eye. A pirate cat in the family is just fine. I’m not sure the pirate look suits me, though.

Does anyone else have any experience with one-eyed cats or dogs? Any funny stories or tips or other anecdotes?

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