Introducing Molly

Here are the first pics of Molly that we have. More will come in the next few days and weeks.

Molly Sleeping

Molly Sleeping Some More

5 thoughts on “Introducing Molly”

  1. My second reaction is that I need to come play with your puppy so I can get my fix that way and will have no need to get a dog of my own.

    I’ve wanted a dog for years now, but … I’m not home enough, and they’re not like cats as far as litter-trainable.

  2. That is defnitely the truth. I’d invite you out this week, but I’ve got class EVERY remaining night this week (including Friday), then we’ll be at the wedding on Saturday. Sometime next week though, you should get out our direction.

  3. Well, and then you get what happened tonight when I got off of work.

    Wow, I’m looking forward to not being at work on Friday…

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