What I worked on 1/16/17-1/22/17

I must admit that last week life intervened, and I did not create something every day. But I did manage to squeeze some in. I mainly worked on unfinished items, lettering practice, and even some coloring. I still did something at least 5 of the 7 days, so I’m claiming that as a win!

I finished the blanket for my friend! I gave this to her last night, and she loved it! I love making things for friends, especially if they can potentially bring some comfort when needed.

Some more fun lettering practice. I still need LOTS of practice, and so will keep working on it. I’m trying to figure out whether I like the Tombow Fudenosoke hard or soft brush tip better. They each have their own pros/cons, so I haven’t figured out my preference quite yet. If you are curious, you can buy these in a two-pack from Amazon (affiliate link).

I’ve had these colored pencils forever, and haven’t yet played with them. I spent a little time testing out each color, and practicing some pencil lettering. Also, I really wanted a nap on Friday. I don’t think I ever took one, but I really, really wanted one.

More colored pencil fun! This time I decided to use one of my many coloring books! It turns out that coloring in a mandala is pretty relaxing, especially after a long week.

I’m still working on my Crazy Love Ripples blanket I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I truly am almost done, so hopefully I can have this completed by the end of this coming up week!

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