What I worked on 2/27/17-3/6/17

Last week was all crochet. I worked on the baby blanket some more. It really is getting close to complete, but not quite there, yet. I made a headband, and started my Lenten project of making baby hats to donate to Lebonheur Children’s Hospital. All in all a pretty productive week!

A little help from the cat. I keep having to shoo her away from this blanket.

Stretched out a bit to show the cross pattern.

I made an infinity scarf a while back using my Raspberry scarf stitch pattern, and still had a little bit of the yarn leftover, so I decided to make a headband using that same stitch pattern.

A few more evenings on the blanket.

And the first 5 of my hats to donate to Lebonheur!

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