Comment Watch

I’ve added the code now to list the last five comments. Any of you that post, let me know how I can improve what is out there presently. I may choose to drop the timestamp here in the near future, as I’m not really sure how much I like it. Let me know what you thing though. And Amy, if you ever get over this way, I think this puts me much closer to being ready for syndication.

4 thoughts on “Comment Watch”

  1. I think text telling which entry the comment is for would be good. Maybe make the font smaller so that doesn’t get too long though. I don’t have a problem with the timestamp.

  2. Yeah, it will be a little more complex to code to do that, but it would be a good addition. I didn’t do it initially because I didn’t want it to be too long.

    Also, do we want to look into changing the color scheme?

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