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With the new edition of Word Press being released, I decided that we needed to upgrade. Unfortunately, the upgrade wasn’t all that easy, but once I figured out what the general goal of the changes were, I was able to put it all back together pretty nicely.

You might have noticed that the page is no longer directly off of This was done both out of convenience and slightly out of design. I was starting to find that having all of the wordpress files in my root directory of the site was just cluttering things up too much.

Anyways, the weeked is drawing closer to the end and I am getting tired. Much was accomplished today, and there is more tomorrow.

To finish, how bout both MSU and Ole Miss today! State can’t go 0-8 in the SEC now this year, and Ole Miss has back to back wins over Florida, this time in the swamp!

6 thoughts on “More Updates”

  1. Yeah, and I’ve railed and railed and railed about the directory structure.

    You should just put a 0-second redirect from to /wordpress/. If you don’t know how, let me know, and I can do it for you and then you can see how. 😀

  2. The redirect is now in place after only a few small instances of infinite loops in the redirection method.

    It was pretty wierd to see it try to load…

    Now we just need to get syndicated!

  3. I also noticed yesterday that they’ve brought back gm-2-b2 in this release, so hopefully boredelf and rickking will be imported sometime this week.

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