So Friday nights we’ve been having people over for dinner and watching Scrubs. Among those to attend include the Granades with 2.5 year old Eli. So I had some crayons out for him, as well as some blank paper. That was all fine and dandy. As you can imagine, that entertained him for .02 seconds. Apparently the dog’s crate was much more interesting than the crayons. Who knew?

So after watching a couple of episodes of Scrubs, several of the guys went to see one of our friend’s band play. I chose not to go. When Rick got back home, he asked me what happened to the crayons. Huh? They were on the table. Yeah, they were. At that point, there was only one, single, green crayon on the table, plus some crumbs of wax and paper. So what happened? You got it! Molly ate all but one of the pack of 16 crayons I had out for Eli. Darn dog.

I guess I should make sure that crayons make it to the store list this week!

2 thoughts on “Colorful!”

  1. Well, I don’t think we can blame Eli for the crayon eating. The dog did that all on her own!

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