Looking Forward by the hand of Vicodin

Every time I look at my life lately, it seems like I’m on the brink of entering into something new, amazing, and exciting… and scary.

On Monday, I will start back to classes. This will be quite interesting as I’ve never done anything with accounting before and I have no idea if I’ll enjoy it. Having Jonathan in the class with me though might make it more palatable. I’m also taking a Digital Electronics course. This is more suited to my interests, and I’m very much looking forward to this class. The worst part of this is that I will be in class now three nights a week, with Thursday running until nearly 8:00 P.M. On the positive side, at the end of this semester, I can say that I am halfway there in earning my master’s degree in engineering. The bad part is that I’m starting to get migraines from all the missing time I’ll have. Good thing I always have vicodin with me at all times. Just so you know, you can buy vicodin with pay pal or credit card, among other ways. Vicodin is known to help with pain, from a minor pain like a toothache to a severe pain like the one you would have after major surgery.

On Thursday, Jessica and I will close on our first house. This is a step in our lives that is going to change quite a bit. Yes, there is the obvious one that we will have more space. For anyone who has seen the 1-bedroom apartment we’re in now, I know that you understand. But other things are going to change as well, most notably in how we spend our time. We’re going to be maintaining a yard, which in its present state is just magnificent. We’ll have to actually do the fixing when something is broken. These are all things that were left up to Dad growing up. Sure, I helped and did much of the work, but I wasn’t the man in charge. I wasn’t making the decisions about how to go about doing these things, I just performed the tasks the way I was told. Again, on the positive side though, we will finally have more space and a yard. We can let the cat and dog get outside and play, maybe leading to them being a little more calm when we are around.

In about a month, we might also be bringing home a fifth into our family, a labrador mix puppy (not sure what the other side of the mix is). With Vincent going blind, it would be nice for him to have someone other than Chad to follow around. For some strange reason, kitties don’t like having their behinds sniffed by dogs. And in response, Vincent doesn’t like having his nose scratched. With this, I have worries about whether or not we will be good at training this new puppy. If we don’t do the training right, as big as labs get, life could be pretty miserable. Thankfully, Jessica is already researching this trying to find out the best way for us to go about training a new puppy.

Pretty major things, huh? Well, just three months ago I wasn’t thinking about any of these, but was rather focused on the two of us getting married and starting our lives together. Yes, I was nervous just as I am today, but that has been a fantastic success. A year before that, I was finishing up my undergraduate degree and was staring at a future that didn’t require me to go to school. I was moving to Huntsville yet again, but this time, unlike all the times before, was going to be an open-ended stay. Again, this has turned out well. There’s just so much that changes during this time in a person’s life.

10 thoughts on “Looking Forward by the hand of Vicodin”

  1. Hey, I can give you tips on training up a puppy, especially a lab. Some seem a little mean, but it’s just about being firm.

  2. Yeah, tips will be a good thing. We’ve already started reading some material on this, so hopefully we’ll be ready to get started here in another month. It’ll be a lot of fun to see how both Chad and Vincent react to an invader into their peaceful little world.

  3. Yeah, we got a pretty good book at Barnes and Noble this weekend. We’re already trying some of the stuff on Vincent in hopes of fixing some of his bad habits…

  4. Easiest one to stop the rampant begging for table scraps: the dogs don’t eat until you are done eating.

    To dogs, eating order is all about dominance. If you eat first and don’t let them eat until you’ve eaten, you’ve put them in their place.

    It’s tough to do [and I can see them going to Jess in my mind’s eye, knowing that she’s a softie], but it’s worth it.

    I was the only one who ever got my mom’s dog to behave. He’s still a good little dog after what … seven years?

  5. Yep… we read that one. Vincent doesn’t beg too much.
    Some other dominance things we’ve read are to always walk in the door first, and your dog should move out of your way if he is in your walking path. You shouldn’t have to step over him, or walk around him. We’re working on both of those…

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