CD15 Update

I went in today for the mid-month ultrasound and bloodwork.  Normally I would have done this a few days earlier, but I was out of town, and I’m sure the doctor’s office wasn’t open. 🙂 In any case, today I went for this.  There were lots of follicles, one big one that they thought had already ruptured (meaning I’d already ovulated).  They wouldn’t know until the bloodwork came back though.  If the bloodwork showed I haven’t ovulated yet, then I would need an HCG trigger.

After a tedious day sitting by the phone, they finally called, and the bloodwork showed… that I’ve probably already ovulated!  I guess I will call in a couple of weeks for a beta if no period has started yet.  She didn’t give me a hard time limit on that.  I’ve got the new nurse, so it seems she’s still learning or something.  Thank God I don’t need the trigger shot.  I’m so needle-phobic I don’t know how I’d deal with giving on to myself, or receiving one from Rick (this is the option I’d choose, btw).  If we’re not successful this month, there is always the possibility that I’ll need the trigger in the future.  I’m sure I’ll hold my breath on that decision every time!

I don’t know exactly when I ovulated.  I chart my temperatures, even though I don’t have to.  I may write more on that another day.  I thought that I had a temperature rise a couple of days ago indicating possible ovulation, but then it dropped again yesterday morning.  It’s on its way back up today, so I don’t know?  Maybe I didn’t ovulate til yesterday.  I guess we’ll see.  My sleeping patterns have been awful (see previous post), so that kind of skews the temperature readings a bit.  This makes it a bit harder to decide when to do a blood pregnancy test.  I guess I’ll cross that bridge when/if I get there.

All that being said, I hope everyone’s Christmas went well!  :)  Ours was great!  It’s not quite over though.  We’re going to my parents this weekend, so more Christmas-family-time to go!

2 thoughts on “CD15 Update”

  1. Well, charting can be a funny animal. They say you should keep your mouth closed for five minutes before taking your temp, to ensure an accurate temp. I booted my thermometer off the top of my foot, considering my temps looked like the Rockies. It seems to me our office doesn’t set things down firmly. Perhaps it is just me.

    Keep us posted!

  2. Well last time I cycled with them they actually gave me a time frame of when I should schedule a beta. This new nurse seemed unsure and told me to wait until a few days to a week late. I probably will not wait that long! We’ll see though.

    For temperatures, I’ve been able to reasonably accurately figure out my ovulation date using temperature charting so far. Even with some sub-optimal temperature taking habits. I do sleep with my mouth closed, so that’s not a huge deal or anything. The biggest problem lately has been my waking up too early and not fully getting back to sleep. Looking at my chart now, I really think I probably ovulated on CD14, which was Tuesday. It’s not been long enough for fertilityfriend to give me crosshairs yet, but I have a feeling that is the day it’ll give me.

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