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I just wanted to announce that I now work part-time at Barnes and Noble. This is just a temporary position. When I get my degree in December I will start actively pursuing my engineering career. This is ok, because the Barnes and Noble position is only available until about mid-January.

Tomorrow, I interview at Target. I may have two part time jobs for the moment. I dunno if I want that though.

Also, I almost have an offer at an engineering company in town. The problem is that I’m written into one particular contract that they’re still waiting to see who got it. So if they win that contract, then I do have an engineering job. That would be so cool, because I really liked this company. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will win it, and preferably soon! But I will still have to keep looking once I finish my degree. Simply because they don’t know whether they will have the funding or not (it’s a brand new company).

5 thoughts on “Job updates”

  1. Yes, it gives me something to do. But my thesis defense is in two weeks. Trying to juggle two jobs and that may be difficult. After December 1st though, it’s all good. As long as I have time to find an engineering job…

  2. Looks like I will very possibly be working at the Starbuck’s inside of Target as well. If that’s the case, I won’t be able to start for another couple of weeks. That works best for both me and Target.

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