23 weeks, and dog drama

Photo to come later. I’ll make Rick take one tonight. 😉

Today I had an appt. I’ve gained 6 lbs. in the past four weeks, bringing me to +9 pre-pregnancy weight. Not too shabby! Otherwise, everything else is looking good. My next appt. is in 4.5 weeks, to get me back on the schedule (it’ll make it closer to 28 week), and I get to do the glucose test and get my Rhogam shot. Which means I’ll be a pincushion! 😉 At least the glucose test is only a finger prick! If I pass it, I won’t have to do the longer one. I’ve done a longer one before, and wish to not repeat that, if necessary!

Ok, dog drama. Last night, I let Vincent out before going to bed. Molly was already out, and waiting on the deck. I figured she could stay out until we let them both back in. While I was washing my face, Rick let Vincent in, but still no Molly. After a few minutes we all went out to look for her. We figured she got out of the fence. I opened the garage, since she will normally run into there when she’s out of the fence. I walked the perimeter of our yard, and looked, and looked. We were all calling her (my mother-in-law is here for a visit and was helping us look too). Usually when she gets out of the fence, she will come to us when we call, or go in the garage. So this was very unusual. So Rick got a flashlight and looked under the deck, and there she was. She was hidden in the far, back corner, where we couldn’t get to her, just laying there. She only moved her eyes, and would not come when we called. I got a rawhide, and a cup of food to see if I could lure her out, and no luck. We were very, very worried. So Rick crawled under the deck, got her up, and eventually she walked out herself. We got her inside and she went straight to the water dish, so I let her have some water before bed. But it really, really worried us. I would have called the vet this morning, except, she’s back to normal! She was her normal, happy-go-lucky self! It is strange indeed, and we’ll have to keep a close eye on her in the next few days. We think maybe she ate something outside she shouldn’t have and just felt bad, and she felt better by this morning. Who knows!

5 thoughts on “23 weeks, and dog drama”

  1. We’re glad we found her too!
    And in the light this evening, we just found a few spots that looks like she probably got sick. So my guess is she ate something that didn’t agree with her, and she just felt bad, so she went into hiding. She is fine today though!

  2. That’s a freaky feeling, knowing the dog is in the yard but not being able to find them. Henry did that to us once — a black dog in the black night is not easy to see!

  3. Yes! And I doubt I would have slept a wink if we hadn’t found her. I imagine it would be that much harder with a black dog!

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