35.5 weeks, more dog stuff

We’re now down to 4.5 weeks left until my due date. That means it is getting really close! I went to the doctor this week, and my weight is up 4 lbs. According to my scale at home I’ve gained somewhere around 33 lbs. total. Also, my fundal height changed by 4 cm this past two weeks! I’ve been measuring on the low end of “normal” and now I’m smack in the middle! So we’ve hit a little growth spurt around here. Growth spurts are a good thing, I think!

Otherwise, I’m still feeling ok. The worst part now is the swelling in my feet and ankles. I’m now swollen to the point of uncomfortable, and the only shoes I can wear are my keds sandals and today I have my crocs on. The crocs are probably pushing it a bit, but it is raining and I thought they’d be better for the weather today.

In dog news, we took Vincent to Petsmart to get groomed. The grooomer nicked him on one of his pads, and was worried about it, so she took him to the in-store vet to check it out. Now, his little cut is fine. The vet added some sort of glue that stopped it from bleeding, and I never would have known any different if they hadn’t told me. Of course, I am glad they told me though. Anyway, the vet noticed his eyes were red and thought that blood was pooling in front of his cataracts. So we took him to our vet yesterday, and the verdict is… glaucoma. We have to put some drops on his food twice a day the rest of his life. If the glaucoma gets bad enough and painful enough, the only thing they can do is remove an eye. Hopefully we’ll never get to that point. I’m not particularly ready to admit that my puppy is getting old and won’t be with us forever. This is just another reminder that he is, indeed, getting old.

On a happier note, I leave you with the last two pictures we took!

33 weeks:

35 weeks:

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