37 weeks

Today’s update:
1 cm dilated (a little bit of progress over last week’s fingertip).
50% effaced
5 lbs. gained – somewhere around 40 lbs. total, I think
I didn’t get the baby’s station this week, so not sure. My dr. also offered to schedule an inducement on the 11th. I’ve turned that down for now. I’d really like to see how this thing goes on its own. I may have a different story in another week or two. 😉

Lately I’ve also been having a lot of pain around my left kidney. It’s been bad enough it keeps me up at night, depriving me of any last few days of sleep I can possibly get. They took a sample, and it did show blood and white blood cells in my urine. They have to send it off to get cultured, but they decided to go on ahead and treat me with an infection. I went straight to the pharmacy to get my antibiotic. I hope it starts helping soon! But for those of you worried I might be in early labor, no, it really is just an infection right now. 🙂

4 thoughts on “37 weeks”

  1. You might like to reconsider this thing. You see Allie Reeves birthday is the 10th and they could have some birthday parties together.
    Anyway, I know you and Rick are getting very anxious because I can hardly wait myself. Clayton said he knew this was the first baby in the world because that was all I talked about. Your mom said you were so swelled. That was the way I was with your Dad and when the baby comes it will look like someone stuck you with a pin and let the air out, that is how quick the swelling will go down. Love ya sweetheart and take care.

  2. Hey, hope ya’ll are doing great. Can’t hardly wait until we get that phone call saying that I am a great-aunt.

    Jessie wanted me to email you and tell you that your Uncle Jess said that you look pregnant, like you don’t already know that, LOL.

    Hope to hear from ya’ll soon.

    Love ya’ll

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