Newborn checkup

On Wednesday, Phoebe had her newborn checkup. Here, she got weighed and measured, and her poor little heel pricked for the PKU test. First the numbers:
Height – 22 inches
Weight – 8 lb. 3 oz, so almost back up to birth weight (she probably has gained that last ounce by now)
Head circumference – 37 (I’m assuming this is cm, but the units aren’t written on my sheet).

So our little girl is growing! She’s getting so long I’m afraid it will be hard to clothe her soon.

The heel prick was difficult. I knew she’d be fine, but man, that child has a temper! She turned bright red and was screaming the whole time. I was able to calm her pretty quickly once it was over though.

And she got her first prescription! She had a bit of gunk in her right eye, and I asked about it. They got a sample, and gave a prescription for an antibiotic eye ointment. You know, it is not too easy to put an eye ointment into a baby’s eyes. But we’ve managed so far! They called back yesterday and said that her sample didn’t grow anything, so it is not infected. I still have to give her the ointment, and I’m supposed to massage the tear duct. Apparently those can get clogged.

In me news, I needed a haircut. Can anyone guess how much I cut it?

5 thoughts on “Newborn checkup”

  1. Mamaw “Buzzy” says two inces, so that is her guess.

    Glad to hear that all is well. Except we are sorry to hear that her eye is bothering her.

    Love, Ya’ll

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