mmm bananas

I have to say that I’ve enjoyed feeding my kid solids. I was so looking forward to it. As she approached 4 months old, she seemed increasingly hungry, so I jumped right in! We’re now up to 2 cereals, 2 fruits, and 2 veggies. Maybe I’m odd to be so excited about starting this part of her development process, but I definitely am. 🙂 I love feeding her right now!

Now that I’m over that tangent, this post was suppsoed to be about bananas. This morning I decided to start bananas (also known as the second fruit for her). While Rick went upstairs to get her and change her diaper, I got out the baby food container, opened it, set it on the desk next to the high chair, and placed a spoon next to the open baby food container. I then went back to the bathroom to finish putting on my makeup. A few minutes later, I hear Rick say that we’ll have to find something else to feed her. The baby food container had somehow made its way into the floor, with bananas splattered all over the computer cables, the hardwood, and the rug. And there was a very guilty, but satisfied looking brown dog in the general vicinity. Fortunately, the baby food comes in two packs, so she still had bananas this morning, just not that package.

I guess next time we try putting the food in the middle of the table. Or better yet – not opening it until we’re ready to feed it to the baby! darn dog!

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  1. That’s so funny! Jake was always doing stuff like that. Bananas have always were and still are like crack for Jake, he will do anything to have a bite. Right now he loves banana pudding.

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