Brother Comes to Town

So my brother and his family made it into town last week. I promised Mom that we would get some pictures. We kept hearing in advance how much Lizzie was looking forward to seeing Phoebe Grace. She did get to see her and the first thing she did was run Phoebe’s face. It was darling.

So to start off, we have Lizzie being a goof for the camera.

Then we get Michael hamming it up. That’s my leg he’s attached to.

Here we get the closest we had to a full group shot. I’m unfortunately behind the camera.

And then for the last one, we got all the kids along with the two King boys. You can tell from the kids focus that they weren’t so into this picture taking thing 😀

We all had a great time and look forward to spending more time with these guys if they can ever move back to this side of the country.

2 thoughts on “Brother Comes to Town”

  1. You should have had Justin and myself take a picture of all of you together when we bumped into each other. I always carry a camera with me. If only I had known! 🙂

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