Such A Tasty Feast of Debt

I ended up taking yesterday morning off as there were still quite a few things that had to be done before the closing. We started off with a trip to the bank to get the certified check so we could make the down payment. After saving for as long as we have, so see a balance in the account of $75 was both depressing and a bit scary. We followed that up with a trip to that awesome one-stop-shop for everything government related in Madison…. Bruno’s. I needed to get my car tag renewed. So we wait in line (and I do my normal little rant about making the check payable to Mark Craig) and when I hand the woman my check, she comes back and says that it is for too much. (at this point, I’m rather confused since I wrote it for the amount on the renewal notice that I also had handed to her.) Then she told me why….. no city taxes!!! Moving into the county nearly cut my car tag bill in half. I was quite pleased.

By this point, we’re sitting on about 10:00, so we’ve just got to find something to do to kill an hour prior to closing. So we went and got coffee! Joe Muggs is great for ready a magazine for free and drinking on some piping hot coffee. So we get to the closing and have our coffee and life is good. Then the other couple eventually turns up a little bit late (but not too bad). We got our garage door openers, keys, a book of manuals about 2-3 inches thick. They also gave us something really neat that the previous owners have passed down with the house….. a picture of the house as it was being built. Hopefully we’ll get access to a scanner here shortly and we can post it up as part of this comment. So we signed all the papers and put ourselves in debt from now until forever.

Then I actually had to go into work. I’d been there about an hour before a problem came up that kept my mind pre-occupied most of the afternoon. I finally was able to get Knology to schedule our cable/phone/internet hookup. I hate their ‘system’. I think the ‘system’ has something against me personally. On the positive side, we were able to keep the same phone number.

When class got out though, I was not priveledged enough to go home, oh no. I got to go to my accounting class. I’m an engineer. Terms like cost, expense, revenue, and liability don’t mean a whole lot to me right now. I’ve got like 5 other Adtran engineers in there with me, so I think we can all survive this. We got out after an hour and a half. Jonathan agreed to help me move the bed so Jess and I could stay at the house tonight. Why you ask didn’t Jessica carry the bed? If you ask the question, you’ve never met her. She’s a wuss. (But I love you anyway baby!) We got dinner eaten and got all four of us moved into the house (however little we actually did move in)

I know that this won’t be interesting to most, but I figure it’s best to get all this written now while I still remember it. Then I can look back and see what kind of day I had on the momentous August 28, 2003.

5 thoughts on “Such A Tasty Feast of Debt”

  1. You called your wife a wuss?

    I’m amazed that you were alive when I last saw you. Relatively unscathed, too.

  2. If you’d ever seen her try to move furniture, you’d have to agree. On the flip-side though, when I get sick, I am SUPER-WUSS!

  3. I missed that comment!

    But I could have helped move the bed. Entertaiment center, no. Bed, probably. But oh well.

  4. We still haven’t scanned that photo of the house in. We should do that sometime! It’ll only be almost 3 years since we promised it…. 😉

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