Wendy’s Shower Gift

From June 2008

This is the gift I made for Wendy’s shower. I crocheted the blanket, and knitted the bib and the burpcloth. I’m much better at the crocheting than the knitting, but the baby won’t care. If anyone wants to know what patterns I used, just ping me. I’ll post these to Ravelry too.

Yesterday was the shower, and we had a great time. Wendy got some great items and we all got to socialize some. Score!

Last night was supposed to be a party to celebrate a friend finishing his Ph. D. We did not make it, since Phoebe was spent after the shower. But a big congrats and way to go is due to Remy for finishing! Yay! 😀

I’m about to line up a few more posts, so it shouldn’t be so quiet around here for at least the next few days. 😉

6 thoughts on “Wendy’s Shower Gift”

  1. Oh! How beautiful, please let me know the pattern you used for the blanket. Also, please tell me where did you find the time???

  2. The blanket came from a Leisure Arts book called Our Best Baby Afghans. The pattern is called twirling pinwheels.

    I manage to work on this type of stuff after Phoebe is in bed. She normally goes to bed around 7, leaving a little bit of time before I crash. I like to have something to work on while I watch tv. The time does come back, eventually. I promise! 🙂

  3. It took me a little time to get it figured out. But once I did… there was no going back! I think I struggled with it for about a week or so. That was several years ago.

  4. Well, my Mom crochets and she has tried many times to teach me but she is left-handed and she has trouble showing me and I have trouble trying to “mirror” what she is doing. We both get really confused in the process!

  5. Ah, I guess that would be confusing. I learned from a book on my own. It was nerve-wracking at first. These days though, there are videos all over the internet! Online videos helped me a lot with learning to knit on my own.

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