too cute

This morning Phoebe grabbed hold of Vincent. He’s been recently groomed, so there was no fur to grab onto, but that’s ok because he apparently has plenty loose skin. I’m surprised she didn’t hurt him, but he seemed just fine. We’re watching her play with him for a minute, and suddenly she starts giving him kisses on his back! While gross, it was really cute. At least he was recently groomed, so he’s not as dirty as he usually may be. I went to grab the camera, but Rick moved her away too quickly for me to snap a shot. So no cute picture. She apparently really loves that dog.

3 thoughts on “too cute”

  1. Puferfish is even grosser! She thinks its absolutely hilarious when the dog licks her ON THE FACE! She’ll chase the dog around and stick her face right in front of the dog to get licked, and then burst out laughing! Gross!

  2. She doesn’t mention that the both of us watched her do it like four times before we could definitively say that it was an open mouth kiss and not just her burying her face in the side of the dog. Four times!

    So yes, I felt I needed to pull her away from him. That and Jessica didn’t TELL ME she was going to get the camera.

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