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So this is something we’ve been wanting to get done for quite some time, and since Sweetie is in Mississippi for the weekend, I was able to drop in a new theme for the site. The big thing we wanted to add was the picture masthead. We’ll eventually want to get a picture collage up there that shows the full family… but that’s more than I had time for this morning. If any of you know a good tool to make those easily, we’d appreciate a recommendation.

Jessica suggested this was a good opportunity for me to actually get around to a post.

3 thoughts on “New Site Layout”

  1. Oooooh, very nice. I wondered why you were logged in to the server for so long this morning [it whines when you’re logged in for more than a half-hour], so I thought something like this might be in the offing. 😀

  2. If it whines for logins over 30 minutes, you might want to institute an auto-logoff for inactivity. I had simply forgotten to logout of my SSH session. I just now got around to logging out, but I obviously have not been working on the site all day long.

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