All done and other words!

She said she was all done. I, however, was not. So I took her out of her high chair to appease her, but just held her in my lap. Apparently the food was tastier off of my plate…

From July2008

And she really does say all done when she’s all done. It sounds like “a-da,” and she’ll do the baby version of the all done sign (her version is waving both hands up and down). I’m starting to think she just thinks that’s a way to get her hands cleaned though, because once I wipe her hands off she tries to eat more. Other things she’ll say include, mama, dada, uh-uh, uh-oh, and I think hi. Our little girl is growing up! 🙂

3 thoughts on “All done and other words!”

  1. You need to give your Grandmother your cell phone number we need to talk. My Great Granddaughter was scared to death of me this week-end. Every time she saw me she would have a fit. now this “ain’t” going to work. You got to bring her home more or let her come here more. She can’t grow up scared to death of her Great Grandmother now can she? Love yall lots.

  2. I hate that she did that! Maybe next time she’ll be better about that. Last time she wouldn’t go to daddy either! We love ya’ll too.

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