Updates… full of ’em today

Congratulations to those of you who caught onto Rick’s last post! A few of you got the less subtle announcement on facebook. If you haven’t gotten either, I’ll spell it out here: I am pregnant. I’m only about 5 weeks pregnant, but definitely pregnant. I realize this early, though, anything could happen (I told Rick I still feel the need to point that out when I announce it). I realized that I would have written about it here no matter what, so I might as well stop trying to keep it a secret. Plus, I’m a little addicted to the support I got online last time. I have my first OB appt. on September 5, and I should get an ultrasound that day. I will be holding my breath a little bit between now and then when I should see a little heartbeat on the screen.

In Phoebe news, she started climbing the stairs last night! I ran to stay right behind her the whole time, and she made it up about 5 stairs before she tired out. I guess we’ll need to get a gate to go at the bottom now too….

Well, that’s really all the updates I have, but they’re both big ones, I think!

5 thoughts on “Updates… full of ’em today”

  1. Climbing stairs! Yikes! I can only imagine the sight of our two climbing those stairs this weekend!

    Counting down the days until September 5th with you. A little over two weeks. We can do this!

  2. We are cheering you on.

    I’ve got 2 gates that will work for bottom of the stairs. Hollar at me if you want one. I can throw in back and haul to church tonight or Bruce can Sunday.

  3. We just got a “swinging” baby gate, not the tension kind to block Jake out of the kitchen (since we moved, we no longer have stairs). We’ve really enjoyed it and it makes it much easier to get in and out. I would recommend that for you, especially with the impending expansion of your belly, you don’t want to have to climb over gates!

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