Christmas Day

Phoebe’s second Christmas is one Rick and I have both very much looked forward to. The day started with me opening one of my gifts early because breakfast depended on it. I got a Belgian Waffle Maker! We made waffles, and Phoebe woke up while they were cooking. We decided to go ahead and eat breakfast, and then we’d go see what Santa brought. Phoebe loved the waffles so much (no syrup on hers either), that she crammed so much in her mouth, she threw up. Yeah, lovely. So we had to change her jammies before we could open gifts. Fortunately, she’d only had waffle and some water, so it wasn’t too bad of a cleanup. I tore up what was left of her waffle into little bit-sized pieces. She proceeded to continue eating, and stuffing many of those pieces in her mouth. Guess she didn’t learn anything, but she didn’t get sick again, at least!

So after that we went to see what Santa brought. Here is the before shot:

Changing Phoebe’s clothes real quick-like

She was funny. The first few gifts we opened from Santa was a toothbrush, toothpaste, and some stockings. Well, she really wasn’t interested in those things. Then we got to a toy, and once it was opened, she grabbed it and ran off into the bedroom with it! I had to call her back to open the rest of the gifts. And of course, we saved the largest gift for last…

She loved her rocking horse. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

And what our living room looked like after we all unwrapped. It seemed much messier in person. I think some of the mess is out of this shot though.

From December 2008

(couple more photos in the album from Christmas).

Phoebe really got quite the haul from Santa!

After we unwrapped gifts, We all got dressed and loaded the car and headed to Mississippi! About 45 minutes down the road we realized we forgot the gifts. It was too late to turn around, so I still have to get them their gifts.

Unfortunately, I do not have photos from Phoebe’s Christmas in Oxford, but she did pretty well there too. Maybe my mom got some photos we can see next week. She was funny there too, though. By then she had figured out what you’re supposed to do with wrapped gifts. She spotted a big gift under the tree and just started unwrapping! Fortunately, it was hers. We took that as our cue to go ahead and start opening gifts there too.

The rest of the weekend was a bit hit or miss. Phoebe was working on a tooth, so she was fussy and had some other side effects from that. Rick and I both saw the tooth on Friday night, but then Saturday it couldn’t be seen anymore. The only thing we can guess is that her gums swelled up after that. Sunday Rick and I came back to Huntsville and left Phoebe to spend a week with her Grammy and Granddaddy for a week! I’m sure they’re all still having a lot of fun there. I’ve been refraining from calling them too often, though I did call at lunch time on Monday. I haven’t called since though!

I hope everyone else had as great a Christmas as we did. 🙂

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  1. Yeah it’s pretty amazing. The header picture is only about 7 months ago. She’s grown so much since then though!

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