24 Weeks and Questions for my OB

From December 2008

Wednesday marked 24 weeks, and I made sure to take another belly photo. I’m actually looking pregnant these days! For the most part everything is still going well. I feel good, though my back is starting to hurt again like last time. But otherwise, pretty uneventful.

I go to see my doctor on Monday and I’ve made a list of questions for her. I went on ahead and typed them here so that I could easily keep up with them. I’ll go ahead and post them while I’m at it.

Questions for my OB:

1) Can I get my hair highlighted?

2) Can I still get a prenatal massage?

3) Can I do my physical therapy exercises for my back (exercises from the last time I was pregnant and on physical therapy)?

4) Should I limit the amount of stair climbing I do at home?

5) Is there a point that I will definitely be placed on bed rest even if I haven’t experienced any bleeding, if the 28 week ultrasound still shows a PP?

6) If there is still no bleeding late in the third trimester, at which point would the baby’s birth be scheduled (also assuming the PP hasn’t resolved itself)?

On that note, I hope everyone had a great New Year! Today my parents are bringing Phoebe back and we’re all going to watch the Cotton Bowl this afternoon. Can’t wait! We’ll also give my parents their gifts, since I accidentally left them when we went there for Christmas. Oops! I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

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  1. haha! I think they responded before you said it on Twitter. though I may remember all wrong.

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