24 week checkup

My 24 week checkup was today. Today I had to go in fasting, having only drank the nasty orange glucola stuff 45 minutes before my appointment. The purpose of this was to test my blood sugar at 1 hour past drinking the drink. My blood sugar was 143, I think. The cutoff was supposed to be at 140 for pass/fail. Last time I was pregnant, my one hour blood sugar reading was 180-something and I had to do the longer test, which I then passed. Since I was so close to the cutoff and I passed the long test even with a 1 hour reading of 180-something last time, my doctor decided that I didn’t need to do the 3 hour test this time. THANK GOODNESS! I’m so thankful she made that decision.

They also tested my iron-count. It was a little low and I’ll have to start taking the iron pills now. I had to do the same last time, so this is no big deal to me.

Weight gain since the last appointment (almost 5 weeks ago) is +9 lbs. No wonder I’m looking more pregnant lately! This puts me to +3 lbs. from the beginning of the pregnancy, I think. I’m going on memory, though, so there could be a mistake. I’m seeing that all of the sweets we’ve had at our house around the holidays is definitely taking its toll! At least I’m pregnant and weight gain is still considered a good thing at the moment. 😉

The next appointment is in 4 weeks and I will get a follow-up ultrasound to check on the location of the placenta and whether it has moved or not. I will also receive a Rhogam shot at this appointment.

Answers to my questions:
1) Can I get my hair highlighted?

2) Can I still get a prenatal massage?
Nothing to my lower back – so this may not be worth it at this time. I may call the Westin and ask how much of the prenatal massage is concentrated around the lower back.

3) Can I do my physical therapy exercises for my back (exercises from the last time I was pregnant and on physical therapy)?

4) Should I limit the amount of stair climbing I do at home?
No. This is a good thing to know!

5) Is there a point that I will definitely be placed on bed rest even if I haven’t experienced any bleeding, if the 28 week ultrasound still shows a PP?
I won’t be placed on bed rest unless I have an episode of bleeding. I actually was going to save this question for next time, but she answered it without my prompting.

6) If there is still no bleeding late in the third trimester, at which point would the baby’s birth be scheduled (also assuming the PP hasn’t resolved itself)?
I did not ask this question. She seemed a little reluctant to answer any specific questions until we have a definite diagnosis in another 4 weeks, and I figured asking about the birth was getting a little bit ahead of myself.

7) (I added this one) Are there travel restrictions? I have family in MS who want to throw me a shower and want to know when.
The answer to this one was “The sooner the better.”

4 thoughts on “24 week checkup”

  1. Enough of them were good answers, that I’m pretty happy with the outcome of this appointment. The only real disappointment is probably having to wait to get my massage, but I can deal with that.

  2. glad to hear you are FINALLY gaining a little! you look so cute preggers. questions? well, you should have asked…i could have actually felt helpful somehow! good to always check with the doc too though! 🙂

  3. Thanks Kristin! And I won’t forget you’re around too. 🙂 I did want to know what she had to think on a lot of the activities that I should/should not do right now.

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