Things have been quiet around here. Which is actually a good thing. The pregnancy is still progressing as it should be with no problems. We’re very thankful for that. We have our first shower this weekend in Mississippi. It is a diapers and wipes shower, so I should be set on those for a while after this weekend! I’m excited to be going home and visiting with family again. I’m a little sad, though, that it may be the last time I get to travel home before the baby comes.

Phoebe has been going through a few things developmentally. Last weekend she decided that she only wanted to eat cheerios. This is very unlike her, as she is normally a very good eater. The only thing I could figure is that maybe the antibiotic she is on was messing with her tummy some. She is eating better now, though. We’re still on antibiotics, but maybe she’s starting to feel a bit better. Also last weekend, when we went to church on Sunday, she melted down when we took her to the nursery. She’s done this at church before and I just figured it was because she didn’t know those ladies all that well and didn’t want to be left with them. But then this week she has cried every day that we’ve dropped her off at daycare. I know that this phase is normal and just a phase, but it is very hard on me to drop her off crying at daycare every day. I hope that it does not last long. I fear that the new baby coming will only extend it. I guess we will have to continue taking it one day at a time and wait and see.

**Update** After posting this morning, she did not cry when we dropped her off today. Maybe it was a shortlived phase? Also, we noticed that tooth that popped through the day after Christmas and then disappeared has broken through the gums again. Yay! **

And I’ll close with a 26 week photo! I caught my profile in the mirror in the bathroom yesterday and figured out why I feel like this kid is in my ribs all the time. That’s because she is! I’ve never been one to notice if someone is carrying “high” or “low.” Not even on myself the last time I was pregnant. But I definitely feel like this one has made her home way up high. Also notice that my non-maternity stretchy cami is about stretched to its limit. I may not get to wear that too much longer. 😉

From January 2009

6 thoughts on “Quiet…”

  1. Man oh man, aren’t we a pair. While your little girl is up in your ribs, mine is nestled very snugly down looooowwww.

    We need to get together sometime soon. It’s been a while. Have fun at your shower this weekend! It sounds like a wonderful idea, and how lucky are you!

    I hope that Phoebe is just going through a short phase. I’ll cross my fingers for you. I can only imagine how tough dropping her off crying would be.

  2. I just realized I never responded to these. Thanks for all of the compliments!

    So far Phoebe seems to be doing ok again with going to daycare. Thank goodness!

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