1-Week Later

Well, today marks the end of our first week in the house. On the moving front, there are still a few small things (and one medium sized table) left in the apartment that will get moved this weekend. We finally got a grill on Monday, but due to all the other stuff we’ve been doing, haven’t been able to fire it up. Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday and that just has to mean grilling on the back deck.

Cable and internet finally got turned on yesterday. So I can finally roam the house with the wireless (though right now I’m sitting no more than 2-ft from the router).

We entertained over here for the first time last night. I got home a little bit after everyone else and got to squeeze my truck into our driveway along with the 6 other cars that had gotten here before me. (Jess had already parked in the garage)

Friends came over…
I ate chips and rotelle for dinner….
Life is good.

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