Couple things – unrelated

Last night Phoebe had me follow her into the kitchen. She then walked over to the side of the corner of the counter where the bowl of her pacifiers sat and pointed saying “Num num num” (we call them dummies, so maybe she was trying to say that). The pacifiers have sat here unused for a couple of months. I keep meaning to run them all through the dishwasher and put them away for the new baby, but keep forgetting. I’m amazed she’d not discovered them earlier, as they’ve been sitting there for a couple months. I just told her, “No, you’re a big girl and don’t need those anymore.” Then I handed her her coat, since that has been a big security item for her lately and put the dummies in the cabinet where she can’t see them. Now I’ll probably never remember to wash them… 😉 But, she was ok with that trade! There was no fight, or tears, or anything. She just moved on. My little girl is growing up!


Last night I dreamed that I went to the bathroom and found that I’d started bleeding, ever so slightly. In the dream I was in my pajamas (the same pajamas I wore last night)and the rest of the family was in bed. I thought that since it was really, really light that I’d go to bed and not wake the rest of the family. The dream was so vivid that when the alarm went off this morning, I had to make sure that it wasn’t true. I was a little weirded out by this dream.

We get an ultrasound at our next appointment in a week and a half. As time has passed since that 20 week ultrasound, I’ve become more and more hopeful that the placenta has moved and that everything will be ok at this next ultrasound. Clearly, my subconcious is still working through all of the possibilities. I’m probably getting more and more anxious as we approach this next ultrasound. I realize that whatever the ultrasound shows, this pregnancy will be over soon. The ultimate goal is a healthy baby at the end, no matter what.

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  1. Hugs to you.

    Cute on the pacifiers. Maybe your second won’t be like mine and chose the thumb over the pacifier.

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