Big Girl Bed and Look-alike meter

Last night we decided to try the big girl bed. A few minutes after we laid her down we were commenting on how we were amazed we weren’t hearing anything yet, and suddenly she cried out. Rick went up to check on her and couldn’t figure out what had happened. He thinks that maybe she was climbing up the pillow and
bonked her head or something, but she went back down pretty easily. Then maybe half an hour later she cried again. When he got up there he found that she got out of the bed and couldn’t get back in. 🙂 He laid her back down and we didn’t hear a peep the rest of the night. She was waiting for him to pick her up when he went up to get her this morning. We wonder if her not being able to get back in made her think twice about getting out? But amazingly, it went really well! We’ll try it throughout the week at night, and then hopefully this weekend she’ll be used to it and will be able to nap in her new bed too. We wanted to start with the bedtime routine to introduce her to it. Naptimes on weekends are not so routine, so starting at night right at the beginning of the week seemed to be the best option for us.

And now a fun little thing! I’ve always thought Phoebe looked a lot like Rick with just a few glimpses of me here and there. I did this look-alike meter thing to see who it says she looks like. According to it, she looks like Rick by 4%! I’m a little surprised it’s not even more like him, but I guess that proves that she does look at least a little bit like me. 🙂

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