Buttercup Ham

Saturday the weather was so nice we decided to go play outside. Right now our buttercups are all blooming. She loves these! She looks at them and says “flower” (it doesn’t really sound like flower though, but I can’t describe it), and wants you to pick her one. I captured a series of photos of her playing with her flower.

From March 2009

Then last night when we picked her up from daycare, they had put her hair up in a little pony tail. It was so cute! She looks so big with her hair up like that. I wanted to get some photos, and she decided to be a little ham. The first couple of these her face is still dirty from dinner, but we cleaned her up after the first few. Apparently the kid loves Eggplant Parmesan. Now we have to go buy her some little pony tail holders. She was so distraught when I took it down at bed time.

From March 2009

I guess I never updated on her ear tubes last week. She did really well. When she woke up from surgery, she was really, really angry. They wouldn’t release us until she had a little to drink and kept it down. Well, she only took a sip and kept crying after that. Finally they let us go since that sip did stay down. She stopped crying once we got to the car and got her strapped into her seat. Then we went to Atlanta Bread Company and she ate an entire blueberry muffin herself. She was her normal self by the time she and Rick got home that morning. So virtually no recovery from this. And she was too cute in her gown! Too bad we didn’t get to keep it. They did give her a beanie baby goose, which she calls “duck.” Apparently most birds are just “duck.” Here’s a photo of her in her gown:

From March 2009

She’s also had a language explosion the past couple of weeks. It is very difficult for me to not call things what she calls them. Right now the two Phoebe-isms that I can come up with are “lala” for Molly and “yoyo” for Cheerios. I especially want to call Cheerios “yoyo’s” now. She says many other things, but usually you can tell what it is.

I hope this week finds everyone well.

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  1. Awww. Glad it went well. Ashley calls birds birds and ducks ducks. But if any winged animal is NEAR water – it becomes a duck. :o)

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