Today we were faced with the tough decision. This decision was expected, but it did not make it any easier. Vincent has not been eating well for weeks. We finally took him into the vet yesterday and they did some bloodwork. While we were there the vet noted he had a mass on his chest and also a skin disorder where he had bare patches of skin and the skin was really thick, and it was painful to him if you touched it. The vet yesterday did not know what this skin condition was and wanted to see what the bloodwork would say.

Some of the bloodwork came back today, and it showed a really elevated white blood cell count as well as decreased kidney function. The white blood cell count was so high that it was likely pointing to a leukemia, or maybe mast cell tumors (there were also elevated numbers of mast cells in his bloodwork). The prognosis of either of these options was not good. It was possible that it was just an infection, as all of the bloodwork had not been back yet. The very high white blood cell count made this possibility unlikely, and even if it were just an infection, his kidney function may not come back or even get worse.

Ultimately, we decided not to draw out his suffering.

From March 2009

October 2003 – younger, healthier days

Vincent, it was really difficult to say goodbye today. You’ve been with me since I was a freshman in college (nearly 10 years now), keeping me company as I lived alone (granted next door to my parents). You endured moving in with a cat. You even complained little with the introduction of a puppy shortly after that, though the two of you didn’t always get along. By the time Phoebe came along, you mostly slept and stayed away from her, but you were always gentle when she did find you and climb all over you. You were an excellent, loyal companion and will be greatly missed by this family.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye…”

  1. Jessica, I know how difficult that was. I am so very sorry.

    When I read about Vincent, I cried with you, and for you.

    Hang in there girl, you are in my thoughts, heart and as always, my prayers.


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