Sweater and Rattles

After months (at least felt like it) of knitting on Sophie’s Blanket, I decided I needed to crochet for a bit again. First I took leftovers from the blanket and made a sweater for Phoebe. It didn’t really work for using leftovers, since I ran out of charcoal colored yarn and had to go buy another skein just to finish the sleeves of this sweater. I finished this sweater earlier this month. I questioned whether it would actually fit Phoebe, and the weather was already turning nice anyway. Well, it barely fits her, and it did cool off enough for her to wear it to school one day. I made sure to snap some pictures as evidence. It turned out quite cute. Maybe it will fit ok on Sophie next winter.

Just the sweater:

From March 2009

On Phoebe (she was still pretty sleepy when this photo was taken):

From March 2009

After that, I decided to crochet a rattle for Sophie. The pattern called for a ring rattle that you crochet a case for, then you attach the crocheted bunny head to the ring. Instead of doing that, I crocheted a tube and stuffed it with polyfill and put a bell in the bunny’s head. When I was almost finished with the first one, Phoebe found the unattached bunny head and claimed it for herself. She picked it up and started saying “mine, mine, mine..” So I decided to let her have the first one and I crocheted a second one for Sophie. Overall I think this pattern turned out really cute. My only complaint is that the head is a bit floppy. The first one I made was very floppy, so I tried to stuff the second one a bit more. It is still a bit floppy, but not as bad as the first. I’m not sure what I can do to reinforce it, especially as I don’t want to take either one back apart to do so. Maybe they’ll just be floppy toys. Phoebe has already claimed her bunny. I’m going to save Sophie’s for her Easter basket on the off chance that she gets here before Easter.


From March 2009

Both of these patterns came from the July/August 2007 edition of Crochet Today.

8 thoughts on “Sweater and Rattles”

  1. Hi! I found your blog through the Segraves – and thought I’d comment! 🙂 It does my heart good to see all these beauitful handmade things! I’m glad I’m not the only one around here with a love for all things knit and crochet. Can’t wait to see the new baby blanket for Sophie – and get to meet the little lady herself soon too!!

  2. I love the rattles and the sweater. The grey is cute. You can make a bigger one for Phoebe next year! I am sucker for matching things.

  3. The baby sweater is so pretty. Phoebe looks like a precious gift in it (which she is).
    Best wishes on a new baby next week. We’ll be watching for pictures.
    Nancy & Will Paris

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