Busy weekend and 38 weeks

From April 2009

We had a very busy weekend! Saturday started with the MS Walk at UAH’s campus. I let Rick and Phoebe walk, while I sat in a camp chair and read for a bit. 🙂 Since I’m having a scheduled C-section, I saw no reason to try to encourage labor by walking a mile or more… Our camera’s batteries were both dead, so I only had my iPhone to snap a few photos. The best of the three I got were of Rick and Phoebe starting the walk.

After the walk was naptime! After naptime, we went to the Granades’ house for a shower! Geof captured some great photos of the shower, and has them up in his flickr account. I love the family shot he got of the 4 of us! The shower was great and Phoebe had a great time playing with other people’s toys! She loved it when Eli bounced her on the trampoline. She giggled and squealed and just had a great time on that trampoline.

Tomorrow marks 38 weeks of this pregnancy, which is the last week! The C-section is scheduled for one week from today. I had my last prenatal appointment this morning. There is not much to report, as they did not check my cervix since I’m scheduled. I’ve gained 2 more lbs., putting me at +25 lbs. overall. Compared to the 45+ I gained last time, that’s great! Fundal height was 38.5 cm, so measuring pretty close to perfect. My diastolic (bottom number) blood pressure was a little high, but the doctor thought that was likely from all the sudafed I took last week to fight the sinus crud (which is mostly gone now, and I’m down to just taking claritin daily again). The baby was estimated to be 6 lb. 5 oz, which is exactly the same size Phoebe was estimated to be just before she was born (for reference, she really weighed 8 lb. 4 oz, at birth, so I do not trust these estimates much). I would be surprised if this new little one really is that small, but we’ll see in a week!

That was about it for my appt. I have to be at the hospital at 5:00 am next Tuesday for a 7:00 surgery. My parents are coming into town and will take Phoebe to daycare that day. I can hardly believe that this pregnancy is almost over!

And just for completeness, I have a 38 week belly shot to offer this week:

From April 2009

The belly… it is HUGE! I’m sure we’ll do one final shot next week either Monday night, or maybe at the hospital before the surgery.

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