Sophie Claire King

Sophie is here… now with pictures!

From April 2009

She was born at 7:06 AM, weighed 9lbs 8oz, and was 21-inches long. Both she and Jessica are doing well. Phoebe is in school for the day, so she won’t get to meet Sophie until later this afternoon.

6 thoughts on “Sophie Claire King”

  1. Congrats you guys! I’m so glad that all went well. I’m sure Phoebe’s going to love having a little sister!

  2. I’m happy to hear that baby Sophie has arrived. She is beautiful. Looking forward to future pictures of her and Phoebe.

  3. Yea! Congrats – can’t wait to meet her. I was going to come up to the hospital this week, but came down with a nasty cold, and thought you’d rather appreciate me NOT sharing my germs with your newborn! ;o) Take care!!

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