A few pictures…

Since we haven’t posted in a week, here are a few pictures. There are more in the album!

Phoebe meets Sophie:

A non-puffy non-drugged photo of me in the hospital with Sophie, while we waited to go home on Friday:

Phoebe and Sophie:

Phoebe never broke her trance from Yo Gabba Gabba while those photos were taken:

Phoebe lounges some more on a different day:

The three girls:

From April 2009

We’re doing pretty well here. Sophie sleeps 3-4 hour stretches at a time. With us taking shifts of who feeds her, we get a little bit of sleep at night, at least. So we’re somewhat rested. My mom is here this week helping us out. Next week Rick is going to work part time, and the following week I’ll have Sophie all to myself during the day! So far I have been much more relaxed with Sophie than I ever was with Phoebe, so that idea doesn’t scare me as much as it did when I had Phoebe.

Many have asked how Phoebe is doing with her. So far she’s been really sweet. She always wants to grab her hands, which is cute. She checks on her in the bassinet whenever Sophie cries. She also looks for her there when she gets up in the morning and home from school in the evenings. It’s really cute.

And that’s about it here! Enjoy the photos!

ETA – to find Sophie’s Hospital pic go to this website (link), select April 14 2009 and find “Jessica K.” That should pull up Sophie’s hospital picture!

3 thoughts on “A few pictures…”

  1. Rick! Congratulations!! I just happened to be cleaning out my contact list and I saw your name and web site. What a cool surprise to open up and find that you have a new baby! How wonderful! I could not be happier!!

    Hope to see you at Adtran so I can congratulate you in person!!

    Get some sleep!! Blessings…
    Sharon Lovoy

  2. OK, I got a message the first time I posted a comment and I got an error message. Then it came up w/ the same comment twice. Do you mind deleting one of these! I promise you that I AM computer literate! 🙂

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