2 month check

Today we had Sophie’s 2 month well check. Our poor baby got 3 shots and an oral immunization! Even worse, we found out that both of her ears are infected! Much like Phoebe, she hasn’t run any fever to indicate that something may be wrong. Her nose hasn’t really consistently been runny either. I can hope that maybe this is part of her fussiness lately and maybe she’ll feel better with some antibiotics and be a happier baby. I can hope, anyway. That being said, we have more good days than bad, so it’s not that bad. Additionally, she’s been sleeping through the night this past week, so we’re pretty lucky in that regard. Ok, onto the stats:
Weight: 12 lb. 12 oz
Height: 24 inches.
Head circumference: 40 cm.

The gist of this is that she’s growing very well! She’s still a big baby, but her growth is in line with her birth weight. Other than her ears, she’s doing very well physically and developmentally.

Sometime soon I’ll post about our week in Mississippi. I should have lots to share!

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