Another one

Please forgive me. I have another massive photo post. We’ve been busy around here, but not much energy has been left to do a post!

A couple of weeks ago we went to Old MacDonald’s petting zoo. I managed to get Phoebe to kind of pet the deer after a failed attempt at trying to feed her an animal cracker (pictured earlier in the photos).

From July 2009

Phoebe was mostly afraid of the animals. The only ones she really cared about were the rabbits.

They apparently had cool toys, though.

And even a swing for Sophie!

In other goings on around here, Phoebe has figured out that daddy’s socks make great leg warmers!

Sophie’s just cute all the time.

And a few of the girls in the recliner. Just hanging out.

Blowing kisses.

Sugars for Sophie!

And that closes out our July photos. We really took a lot last month!

Tonight Sophie got to try cereal! I had to snap a few photos of this event as well. 🙂 At first, she was not so sure (left side). Then she kinda came around (middle and top right two). In the end she got really messy (bottom right) and decided that eating cereal was not an efficient way to eat. Why slurp off of a spoon what you can get in a bottle (I made it with her formula)? But not too bad for a first try! All of these photos are in the album individually as well.

From August 2009

I hope everyone enjoyed the photos!

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