Phoebe’s birthday!

Yesterday Phoebe turned 2! I could hardly stand to wait to give her the gifts last night. When we got home, she was hungry, so we had to eat first. But finally! we got to open her presents!

From October 2009

As you can see, she got a set of bracelets, necklaces, and rings. And she had to wear the entire set at once! She also got some triangular crayons and here she and her daddy were coloring. She’s also wearing some of her new hairbows she got too. Have I ever mentioned she’s a girly girl?

From October 2009

She also got a sesame street couch. I think she really, liked the couch! It folds into a “bed” according to her.

From October 2009

And a bean-bag! We probably wouldn’t have done two large gifts, but we’d already bought the bean bag when the opportunity to get the couch came about. So she got both.

She also got some Dora books, socks, and some more sunglasses. So she got quite a bit of stuff!

Sophie also enjoyed Phoebe’s presents! 😉

Phoebe was hilarious yesterday morning when she got up. I immediately started singing to her, and she said “No Happy Birthday to you!” Then in the car Rick and I both sang and she’d yell, “No Daddy! No Mama!” We’d tell her Happy Birthday, and she’d yell “No Happy Birthday!” We’d tell her she’s now two years old and then she’d yell “No two years old!” She doesn’t agree with much of anything we say first thing in the morning. Overall, I think her day was a good one. We took cookies to daycare to celebrate, and then she got all of her gifts at home after school. I think we did good picking out the gifts! She seemed to love all of it. Well, except maybe the socks and training pants. But everything else she loved!

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  1. What sweet girls! Happy Birthday Phoebe! Or should I say, Happy Day after your Birthday Phoebe!!

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