Old news and Two well checks!

First, we’ll get to the old news that I haven’t posted on this site yet. As of a couple of weeks ago (almost 3 now, actually), Sophie sits up!

From October 2009

Other old news is that she’s gotten her first two teeth! So for the record, both of those things happened at 5.5 months. I think Phoebe was 8 months old before her first tooth came. Of course, she still doesn’t have all her teeth, so hers are just slow to come in general.

Yesterday we had Phoebe’s 2 year well visit and Sophie’s 6 month well visit. They’re both growing like weeds and doing very well developmentally. Phoebe even bounced all over the room while the doctor was in, thereby showing him how very active she is! Sophie, unfortunately, had a double ear infection that we didn’t know about. Poor baby just seems to be keeping these ear infections. So she’s on antibiotics now. She also got 4 shots (including seasonal flu virus) and an oral immunization. They went on ahead and did the vaccines since she had not been running fever from the ear infections. So between all those and her infections, she may be a little under the weather this weekend. I’m hoping to get her 6 month photos, though, so maybe she won’t feel too bad by tomorrow or Sunday! Onto the stats!

Phoebe at 2 years:
Weight: 31 lbs.
Height: 36.75 inches (she’s gonna be 6 feet tall as an adult)!
Head circumference: 50 cm

Sophie at 6 months:
Weight: 20 lbs. 5 oz.
Height: 28.25 inches
Head circumference: 45 cm

As you can see, Sophie is trying to catch up to her sister!

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